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Bathroom Remodeling

A full-service bathroom remodeling in a Amazing Contracting home can include tearing out the entire bathroom space, right down to the wall studs and subfloor. This tear-out allows us to rework the footprint of the area, so the bathroom can then accommodate a new, oversized vanity, or a more streamlined pedestal sink. We can also install a larger linen closet or other such storage features.

A complete Amazing Contracting remodel of your home’s bathroom might also include new money-saving fixtures, such as a low-flow toilet and low-flow showerheads and sinks. Upgraded ventilation fans will also remove more humidity from the bath, reducing the risk of your home developing mold behind the walls and under the floors. Whatever your needs for a full-service bathroom remodeling in a Amazing Contracting home, we can ensure your new bathroom space exceeds your demands, so you finally have the bathroom space you’ve always wanted in your home.

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